Mince Pies

And this year I did make my own mincemeat!!!

Homemade With Mess

Last night I brought you olives and tonight I am bringing you the Queen of the Christmas party, the mince pie. I never understand why people buy mince pies when they are so easy to make! That being said, I feel a bit of a hypocrite here as I have not made my own mincemeat. Infact, I have never made my own mincemeat. Every year I say I am going to do it, and there is always a recipe in my Jamie’s or Good food Magazine that I fold the page over with great intentions, but it never happens. So next year watch this space, as it will be (yet again) the top of my Christmas ‘to make’ list.

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Makes 12

–          190g plain flour

–          100g unsalted butter

–          Icing Sugar

–          400g jar mincemeat

–          1 egg yolk – beaten

–          2-4 tbsp chilled water

Rub the flour…

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