Citrus Chicken, Coleslaw and Feta Cheese Wraps

It seems quite fitting after such a lovely sunny weekend to be posting a great recipe for leftover barbecue chicken. This is a really simple, quick and super scrummy wrap recipe that will go with any sort of barbecued chicken. I obviously used my leftover citrus chicken kebabs, but it would also work with some sticky thigh meat or even something with a spicy kick. For those of you that actually manage to eat all your food then just mix up the marinade ingredients from my previous post and pan fry the chicken – either way these wraps are delicious, light and summery!


–          Left over barbecue chicken (or mix up the recipe from scratch and fry) – roughly chopped into smaller pieced

–          Homemade coleslaw

–          Wraps

–          Feta cheese – crumbled

–          Mixes Salad Leaves

This wrap is really simple to make, just spread out your wraps, layer up the fillings and roll – the quantities will depend on how much chicken you have and how much you love the other ingredients.


11 thoughts on “Citrus Chicken, Coleslaw and Feta Cheese Wraps

  1. Love wraps! So versatile. You can fill a tortilla with anything. Here we can get frozen homemade tortillas. Easy to cook- takes less than a minute and they are so thin and delicate they are like crepes. I don’t like a lot of bread so for me they are a great alternative to the usual tortilla.

  2. What a great idea! For some reason I never think to make sandwiches of leftovers. This sounds great – in fact I’ve got feta AND some roasted chicken thighs with preserved lemon and harissa in the fridge right now. Just the coleslaw… Ken

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