Spicy Brown Rice and Halloumi Salad with a Mint and Cucumber Cream Dressing

After a weekend of over indulgence I was craving something a bit lighter for dinner, and this concoction of delicious flavours sprung to mind. Ok, so I could have been really healthy and not included cream or cheese but then that wouldn’t really fit my style. I felt fantastic after eating this dish; satisfied, comfortable and not at all guilty, that was until we decided to catch up on the TV show ‘The Taste’ in bed. This then lead to Sam going a fetching a plate complete with 5 slices of brie and bacon bread and a selection of cheese; note to self, do not watch TV shows late at night as they make you hungry! So for those who want a tasty, semi healthy dish and have the will power to resist TV food then you should definitely give this dish a try.


Serves 2

For the rice

–          150g brown rice – cooked according to pack instructions

–          1 green chilli – finely chopped

–          100g cherry tomatoes – quartered

–          Juice ½ lime

–          Pinch sugar

–          ½ tbsp. tomato puree

–          1 tsp hot chilli sauce

For the dressing

–          90g cucumber – roughly chopped

–          Juice ½ lime

–          10g ginger – peeled and sliced

–          Handful coriander

–          1 large sprig mint – stalks removed

–          Salt and pepper

–          ½ tbsp. mayonnaise

–          ½ tbsp. double cream

For the salad

–          1 small red onion – finely sliced

–          1 chilli tortilla wrap – brushed with oil, sliced and baked in a hot oven until crispy (about 5-7 minutes)

–          150g halloumi – sliced and griddled on a hot grill until chargrilled

–          Large handful rocket – roughly chopped

–          Large handful watercress – roughly chopped

–          Quarter cucumber – roughly chopped

Mix together the chilli, tomatoes, lime juice, sugar, tomato puree and chilli sauce so you have a salsa

Make the salad dressing by blending together all the ingredients except the cream and the strain through a sieve so that it is smooth

Stir in the cream and set aside until ready to serve

Once the rice is cooked, drain and pour over boiling water to get rid of the starch

Stir in the salsa, onion, rocket cress and cucumber

Divide the rice between 2 plates, top with the crispy tortilla chips and the halloumi and drizzle over the dressing.



16 thoughts on “Spicy Brown Rice and Halloumi Salad with a Mint and Cucumber Cream Dressing

  1. This looks soooo delicious! My boyfriend is not too fond of salads but he loves halloumi so we will definitely try this soon. Thanks for sharing!

  2. yum!! This sounds and looks delicious 🙂
    i loooove halloumi and this is the perfect way to freshen it all up in a salad!
    thanks for the recipe!

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