Spicy Crispy Chicken Fajitas with Homemade Salsa and Citrus Sour Cream

Fajitas must be one of the most socially enjoyed meals out there. I am a huge fan of the concepts of making loads of little contributions to a dish and just laying them out for people to share and make their own feast from it. Let’s face it, you always get someone who is on a diet and doesn’t want too much cheese and someone else who doesn’t like anything too spicy (wimpy in my opinion) that will opt out of the spicy salsa; so this way everyone gets to make the wraps exactly how they like them. I also find watching people assemble them quite entertaining. Being a wrap obsessive I have to say I have had plenty of practice and can usually manager to get mine quite compact, but some people make such an ordeal of it. I think next time I there is a group of us having fajitas I will take pictures of the final results, as they are always pretty interesting. Just make sure you have some cutlery handing for those that go for the overfill, and with these tasty flavour concoctions it is very hard not to!

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Makes 6 Wraps

For the chicken

–       1 thumbsize piece ginger – grated

–       2 cloves garlic – grated

–       Pinch of dried thyme

–       1 tsp paprika

–       ½ tsp hot chilli powder

–       ½ tsp cayenne pepper

–       1 tsp ground coriander

–       350g chicken – sliced into strips

–       1 egg – beaten

–       Plain flour

–       Breadcrumbs

–       Salt and pepper

–       2 tbsp olive oil

For the salsa

–       ½ lime – juice only

–       ½ red onion – very finely chopped

–       10 cherry tomatoes – roughly chopped

–       Pinch sugar

–       ½ tbsp. tomato puree

–       1 tsp chilli sauce

–       Handful coriander – roughly chopped

For the Citrus Soured Cream

–       ½ lime – juice only

–       Handful coriander – roughly chopped

–       3-4 tbsp soured cream

For the wraps

–       2 red pepper – finely sliced

–       2 red onions – finely sliced

–       1 tbsp good quality extra virgin olive oil

–       6 medium size wraps

–       Fresh salad leaves

–       Grated mature cheddar cheese


To make the chicken, mix together all the herbs and spices and toss the chicken in the mixture until well coated.

Set three plates out; one with the flour, the next with the beaten egg and finally with the breadcrumbs. I would also recommend having a large clean plate at the end to place your finished strips

Mix the breadcrumbs with some salt and pepper and then taking a strip at a time, roll the chicken first in the flour, then the egg and finely coat with the breadcrumbs

Set aside on the clean plate and repeat the process until completed, you may need to regularly top up your breadcrumbs

Chill the chicken for half an hour

Preheat the oven to 180’C

Toss the peppers and onions together with the oil in an oven proof dish and roast for 20-25 minutes, until soft and juicy

Roll the chicken in the olive oil and place in and oven proof dish.

Cook the chicken strips for 15-20 minutes. The time they take will depend on how fat you cut them but I will always cut the largest strip down the fastest part to check it is cooked

While the chicken is cooking mix together the ingredients for the salsa and the citrus soured cream (separately of corse) and set aside until ready to serve

Once the chicken is cooked, heat the wraps up (either in the oven for a few minutes or in the microwave for 20-30 seconds) and then it is time to wrap and roll and make a mess

I tend to go salsa, chicken, cheese, lettuce sour cream and then attempt to roll it. It is often too fat to roll properly so keep a knife and fork free to save some mess. 





20 thoughts on “Spicy Crispy Chicken Fajitas with Homemade Salsa and Citrus Sour Cream

  1. Love serving DIY meals…makes it way more fun and no bothersome plating required in the kitchen beforehand :). Thanks for sharing this recipe – will have to try fajitas at my next dinner gathering. Kate

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