Banana and Caramel Ice cream

Sometimes there is nothing wrong with cheating, especially when you get results as good as this ice cream. This is officially a cheats ice cream because I bought the custard ready-made as I was working against a short time frame, but you could still make it yourself if you want to be professional about it. We had a friend over for the weekend and I drunkenly offered to cook a big lunch with treacle sponge and homemade ice cream the next day, this was perhaps an unrealistic oversight. We then did not wake up until after midday on Sunday (so lazy I know) and our friend was leaving at 3pm which did not leave me very long to buy food and cook it, that’ll teach me! Lack of time aside, this ice cream was perfect, and such a great marriage for the treacle sponge; as well as being very enjoyable on its own.

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–          100g caster sugar

–          50ml water

–          400ml fresh vanilla custard

–          150ml double cream

–          2 banana’s – mashed

Melt the sugar and water over a low heat until melted

Once melted, turn up the heat and allow it to bubble away until it has turned golden brown

Remove from the heat, place in the sink, and immediately pour 100ml of cold water into the pan, standing back so it doesn’t spit at you.

Once it stops bubbling, stir it until you have a thin syrup

Leave this to cook and then mix it together with the custard, cream and bananas.

Churn in an ice cream maker (according to the manufacturer’s instructions), and then finish to set in the freezer

If you don’t have an ice cream machine you can freeze it, but make sure you are available to whisk it every 20 minutes until it has set – this could take most of the day. 


9 thoughts on “Banana and Caramel Ice cream

  1. I want to buy an ice cream maker but I like recommendations so I know it’ll be good when I buy stuff. Which one do you have? 🙂

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