Picnic Selection – Roast Chicken Sandwiches

This my friends is the end of my roast chicken, no part went to waste, even the bones went to stock, and the glorious bird provided us with many awesome eats. I have to say though, often there is no better way to enjoy leftover chicken than in a sandwich, cob (or roll for those that don’t understand Nottingham lingo), sub, ciabatta, baguette etc etc. Basically it is born to be eaten between 2 bits of bread! Below is just a list of easy combinations for you to make the most out of your leftover roast!

Mum's Moving Day 073

Beautifully Basic Chicken Salad

–          Mayonnaise – for spreading

–          Slices of roast chicken

–          Crispy lettuce

–          Sliced Cucumber

–          Sliced Beef tomatoes

Chicken and Sweet Cranberry

–          Butter – for spreading

–          Cranberry sauce – for spreading

–          Crispy lettuce

Chicken and Curried Mango Mayonnaise

Mix together

–          125g Roast Chicken – torn

–          1 tbsp mayonnaise

–          1 tbsp mango chutney

–          ½ tsp curry powder

To assemble

–          ¼ red onion – finely sliced

–          Iceberg lettuce

Bum Busting Chicken, Bacon and Mature Cheddar (this is great toasted in a Panini)

–          This is exactly what it says on the tin

Mexican Chicken

–          Mayonnaise mix with a squeeze lemon juice – for spreading

–          Salsa

–          Guacamole

–          Chicken

–          Salad selection





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