Buttered Barbecue King Prawns

I have one word of advice for you when barbecuing, don’t decide to put prawns on the heat and then have a nap.  A full day of eating and drinking must but interrupted by a wee power nap, but it’s probably not a good idea when there is food cooking, as this could result in a disaster. Luckily we just about managed to savour these prawns as we were woken up by a phone ringing so they were not too overcooked. In fact they were still pretty tender and juicy, but any longer and they could have been like rubber! My second batch of advice to you with this recipe is to make sure you have some great bread to mop up the juices, as trust me these cannot be wasted!

bbq 033

–          12 king raw king prawns – as big and as fresh as you can get them

–          3 garlic cloves – crushed

–          Juice of 1 lemon

–          1-2 chilli’s – picked to taste and finely chopped

–          30g butter – cut into chunks

–          Salt and pepper

Mix together the garlic, chilli and lemon juice

Place the prawns on a large sheet on foil and bring up the sides slightly. Pour over the marinade and place the butter on top.

Give it a good twist of salt and pepper and bring the sides together so the prawns are completely sealed, use another sheet of foil if you need to.

Place on a hot barbecue and eat once the prawns are no longer grey and have turned a lovely pink colour, I would give it 5 minutes and check to see if they need much longer, as the time will depend on how hot the BBQ is and how big the prawns are.


17 thoughts on “Buttered Barbecue King Prawns

  1. Loved the recipe!
    Here’s one more. Try marinating the prawns in a mixture of coriander, 1 green chilli, 5 cloves of garlic, small piece of ginger, some chili powder… then coating it in corn flour… I did it last weekend and it was yum! Just thought you might try something new!

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