Wholemeal Roasted Red Pepper and Feta Stuffed Tortellini

I promise this is the last leftover/use up recipe I will blog this week, as I realise that the last three recipes are all linked by some form of leftover; what can I say, I hate waste! I have discovered that making pasta is very fun, Sam may laugh at this as he has heard me cursing and sweating over my pasta machine many a time (there may have once even been tears), but once you grasp it and get the right consistency of your dough then you can have a great time with it. There is also no better feeling than knowing that you made it yourself, I have to say this is the first time I have made tortellini and I was incredibly proud of myself. Not only did I manage to make them look like tortellini but they tasted delicious too. This is the sort of dish that gives you one of those amazing natural highs not only to eat it but also to cook it!

pasta 034

Serves 2-3

For the pasta

If you are making this with leftover pasta from your lasagne then simply follow the same steps with the dough until you have the thin sheets of pasta. If you are making this from scratch then use half the recipe for the pasta dough from yesterday’s post and follow the steps to make the thin strips of pasta

For the filling

–          1 red pepper – roughly chopped

–          1 white onion – roughly chopped

–          1 tbsp olive oil

–          5 cherry tomatoes – halved

–          5 cloves garlic

–          50g feta

–          Large handful fresh basil

–          ½ tbsp. tomato puree

For the sauce

–          10 mushrooms, sliced

–          25g butter

–          Juice ½ lemon

–          Feta cheese

–          Fresh vegetables

Preheat the oven to 180’C

Toss the pepper, onion, cherry tomatoes and garlic in the olive oil and roast in an oven proof dish for 15-20 minutes until cooked

In a food processor, blend together all the ingredients for the filling, along with a twist of salt and pepper until you have a smooth pasta

Cut the strips of pasta into 4inch squares and put a teaspoon of the mixture of the centre of each.

Wet the corners slightly with a little water and fold one corner of the square to the opposite side to form a triangle and press the sides down so it is sealed

Have the triangle turned so that the bottom is facing towards you and the symmetrical point of the triangle facing up and press out all the air.

Lift the top point of the triangle so it is facing up to the sky and pull the other two points towards you and bring them together.

Give them a good pinch so they are well connected and repeat the process with every parcel

Cover the pasta until it is needed otherwise it will dry out

In the meantime make the sauce by heating the oil in a frying pan and sauté the mushrooms for 3-5 minutes until soft

Add the lemon juice and any remaining sauce you have from the filling and simmer on a low heat.

In the meantime heat a pan of salty water to the boil and cook the tortellini for 4-5 minutes.

Drain the pasta and serve with the sauce and some fresh summer greens.

Crumble with some feta cheese to finish if you are a cheeseacholic like me



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