Marinated BBQ Lamb Loin Chops with Milk Soaked New Potatoes

Ok, so we may not have a garden but that still didn’t stop us soaking up the sunshine, stoaking up the coals and enjoying the best of British food and weather. Although we live in a flat, we back onto a really beautiful park and so this weekend it was great to take advantage of that and have our 2nd BBQ of the summer (the first being on a beautiful beach in Devon.)

If any of you follow me on Twitter you will have seen that I spent the day yesterday at an amazing foodies festival, to say I was beside myself is an understatement. I was in my absolute element and we spent a good seven hours browsing food stalls, tasting numerous delights, having lessons in wine tasting, mixing up cocktails and watching fabulous demonstrations from the professional chef’s. I actually got my inspiration for this BBQ dish from one of these chef’s, who cooked a delicious lamb loin on the BBQ and served it with new potatoes in milk and a celeriac sauce. Unfortunately we only had a mini BBQ (and could only find the loin chops), but we still really enjoyed these with a crunchy salad; and I have to say we also pigged out on burgers and chicken wings, which I will be posting the recipe for in the next few days. I have to say that I had never heard of potatoes cook in milk before but they were a revelation; soft and silky in texture, yet with a lovely crispy skin and a bbq smokiness to them. So next time you dust out your grill and coals, branch out a little from your standard burgers and sausages, you will be surprised how many amazing different combinations you can cook up!


Makes 4 lamb chops

–          2 cloves garlic – minced

–          1 large handful mint – chopped

–          1 sprig rosemary – stalks removed and finely chopped

–          1 dsp raspberry jam

–          1 tbsp olive oil

–          ½ tbsp. spoon red wine vinegar

–          4 large lamb loin chops

For the new potatoes

–          12 new potatoes – peeled and boiled until just cooked

–          Milk

–          Grated nutmeg

–          Salt and pepper


Mix together the marinade ingredients

Coat the lamb chops in the mixture and leave to marinade for at least 2 hours, overnight is best though

To make the potatoes, once they are cooked simply soak them in milk so they are just covered and stir in the nutmeg and salt and pepper

Leave these to soak for the same period as the lamb, again the longer the better

When it comes to cooking, put the potatoes on the grill ten minutes before the lamb so you can serve them crispy, and when you turn them just dip them back into the milk to keep them moist.



12 thoughts on “Marinated BBQ Lamb Loin Chops with Milk Soaked New Potatoes

  1. Looks good. I’m just now getting into lamb and I find it’s surprisingly easy to cook – picks up great flavors.

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