Sweet Red Pepper and Walnut Pesto

So I have returned from Glastonbury, but my heard and my head are still there. Infact I am currently writing this while watching the Glastonbury highlights and drinking a Thatchers Cider (I am totally not ready to go back to work tomorrow)! Because of this, I am going to keep today’s blog a short one, you will have more rambling from me tomorrow once I have got my head out of cloud nine and back into reality. I will also be sharing multiple recipes with you that you can use this fantastic recipe with, as Pesto isn’t just made to go with pasta!



        1 large sweet pointy pepper (or 2 normal red if you can’t find any)

            40g walnuts

           Juice ½ lemon

          1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

          30g fresh basil

          Salt and pepper

          20g parmesan – finely grated

Either over a naked flame on the hob, or like me if you have an electric cooked grill the pepper until the skin is black

Rinse the pepper under a tap and rub off the skin to reveal juicy red pepper flesh.

Pull off the top and scrape out the seeds and then blend the pepper flesh together with all the other ingredients except the parmesan.

Once blended, add the parmesan and season to taste, and you have yourself a fantastic pesto!


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