Beach BBQ – Freshly Caught Sprat, Lemon Infused Salmon and Griddled Vegetables – the Perfect Weekend in Devon

Hallelujah! The sun has finally come out, and what better time to do so than our first May Bank Holiday. Let’s face it, it’s been a loooooong winter, but when the sun does shine there is no better place to be than the Great British Coast!

We decided a few weeks ago that we needed a weekend away by the sea and so planned a trip to Croyde in Devon. With dreams of surfing, BBQ’s, boat trips and idyllic thatched pubs stocked full of Cider, I have to say that is exactly what we had! All in all it was the perfect weekend, sealed with a sunset beach BBQ and freshly cooked fish that we had caught that day (the sprat that is).

Infact my weekend was so fantastic that I have drifted away from simply food on this occasion and I have to share with you pictures of how beautiful our weekend was. I came back with over 100 pictures but thought it would be a bit OTT to add them all. I have to say catching and cooking our own fish on the beach was the highlight of the trip, and it is something that everybody should try. You can’t get fresher and tastier fish, and to cook it in the dunes while the sun sets is one hell of a perfect moment. I just need to move to Devon now so I can do it everyday!

Devon Weekend Away 107

For the griddled peppers

–          2 peppers

Place the peppers directly on the grill and turn until blackened all over

Remove and leave to cool slightly before peeling off the burnt skin to reveal sweet and juicy pepper flesh



For the Sprat

–          4 large sprat – gutted and de scaled

–          1 red chilli – chopped

–          Juice 1 lemon

–          2 cloves garlic – crushed

–          Handful coriander – roughly chopped

–          Small glug olive oil

Mix together the chilli, lemon juice, garlic, coriander and oil.

Place the fish on a sheet of foil and stuff the inside of the fish, making sure each fish is covered in the remaining juices

Wrap the fish in the foil and cook on the BBQ for 12-15 minutes, check that the fish is cooked with a fork before serving as it may need longer depending on the size and the heat.


For the salmon

–          2 salmon steaks

–          1 lemon – sliced

–          Glug olive oil

–          Handful asparagus

–          2 large tomatoes – sliced in half

Lay out 2 sheets of foil and place 3 slices of lemon onto each sheet

Place the salmon on top of the oil and drizzle in oil

Wrap so that each piece is sealed and place on the BBQ. Cook for 12-15 minutes, same as the sprat and again, check that they are cooked through before serving

The veg will take about 5-7 minutes so when you are ready, simple place these directly onto the grill and turn until cooked through.

Serve everything with fresh crusty bread and coleslaw.


Below is the beautifully British put we stayed in, The Thatch at Croyde Bay


Ilfracombe Harbour – Where we set sail on our fishing trip


View of Croyde Bay from Baggy Point


The beautiful sunset we got to experience while cooking our fish on the beach


Sun Shine!!!


The view of Ilfracombe from our fishing boat



12 thoughts on “Beach BBQ – Freshly Caught Sprat, Lemon Infused Salmon and Griddled Vegetables – the Perfect Weekend in Devon

  1. This looks idyllic! We’re not having the great weather everyone’s boasting about up in Glasgow at the moment unfortunately. And even if we were, I’m studying hard. If the sun could come out after exams that would be great!! The BBQ looks delicious.

  2. Gorgeous scenery and delicious food, what more could anyone need. I have been thinking about going to Devon for a long time and I think youhave just helped me make my mind up.

  3. Nothing better than BBQ on the beach!!! Salmon just sounds too good. I’m putting it on my list to BBQ on the beach this summer.

  4. Wow , I just spent sometime on your blog. Loved the recipes and the camera work. Are you also a photographer? I would love to know which camera you use. Great work !

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