Thai Chicken Laksa

I think my worst habit with cooking is that I often get a little carried away and the dish ends up taking forever to cook (I think really it’s because I enjoy cooking so much). I do however totally understand that while I love spending the majority of my evening in the kitchen, most people do not. I therefore thought I would go to my beloved Jamie Oliver for some 15 minute inspiration. I have had this book on my shelf for months and months; as when I get a book I like to read it front to back, word for word, and I have a bit of a back log at the minute due to my compulsive cook book buying. Anyway, I broke my rule and had a quick flick through ‘Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals’ and as soon as I came across this Thai Chicken Laksa recipe I knew this was the one to try first, and I must say I was not disappointed, and Sam and our guest loved it too!

One thing I will say though, is if you’re like me and take your time in the kitchen; chatting, drinking wine and painfully hand grating a lot of squash, then this is not going to take you 15 minutes! I may have also tweaked a couple of the ingredients to match what I had in stock, but overall another great dish from Jamie 😀

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For the Chicken

–          3 chicken breasts

–          2 tsp Chinese five spice

–          1 tbsp runny honey

–          1 tbsp sesame seeds

–          1 fresh red chilli

–          Juice of 1 lime

For the Laksa

–          800ml chicken or vegetable stock

–          Neck of 1 butternut squash – peeled and grated

–          2 cloves garlic – crushed

–          1 thumbsize piece ginger – roughly chopped

–          1 tsp turmeric

–          4 spring onions

–          1 heap dsp peanut butter

–          4 kaffir lime leaves

–          ½ bunch fresh coriander

–          1 tbsp sesame oil

–          1 tbsp light soy sauce

–          1 tbsp fish sauce

–          300g medium rice noodles – cooked

–          500h asparagus – cut into 3

–          1 x 400g tin coconut milk

–          Juice of 1 lime

Place the chicken between 2 sheets of greaseproof paper and rub the five spice and salt and pepper all over the breasts.

Bash the chicken with a rolling pin until about 1.5cm thick.

Heat a hot griddle pan and fry the chicken, turning after 3-4 minutes until charred and cooked through

Pour the stock into a large pan and add the squash once boiling.

Blend together the garlic, ginger, turmeric, spring onions, peanut butter, lime leaves, coriander, sesame oil, soy sauce and fish sauce.

Tip the paste into the stock, along with the noodles and stir until the noodles have separated.

Add the asparagus and the coconut milk to the pan, bring to the boil and then add the lime juice and turn off the heat.

Drizzle the honey over the chicken, along with the lime juice and sprinkle with the sesame seeds.

Serve sprinkled with coriander leaves, fresh chilli and more lime to taste. 


12 thoughts on “Thai Chicken Laksa

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  2. This looks so much better than my thai chicken attempt. Granted, I used an instant sauce, haha. Definitely marking this for the future.

  3. Really interesting recipe! Love the addition of squash and all the ingredients look like they’d come together perfectly.

  4. Reblogged this on DrinksAndNibbles and commented:
    Unfortunately I have a rather hectic couple of weeks and am struggling to find the time to cook anything exciting and new, let alone write to you about them (tonight was poached eggs on toast!), so I thought I’d repost this fantastic looking recipe from Homemade With Mess. Laksa is one of Pat’s favourite dishes, so I definitely want to give this one a go soon!

  5. Sounds delicious! I too often get carried away when I’m cooking… sometimes I think it is because it can be quite relaxing to just peel and chop vegetables and not have to think of anything else : )

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