Essential Tomato Salsa

I love salsa and I make it regularly, which is why I class is as of my essential dishes. It’s great for dips, to put in a wrap, accompany meat or fish and my ultimate simple favourite; to be grilled on French bread with cheese (like a pizza). The real key ingredient in this is the chilli sauce; now you may call me a cheat for buying it but this stuff is so good and great to have in your cupboard for when you have no time to make it. But be warned, it’s pretty damn hot. However you only tend need a little of it to provide a wonderful taste and spice to a dish and therefore lasts forever, so is definitely worth a purchase!

at 012

–          ½ red onion – very finely sliced

–          1 green chilli – finely sliced

–          2 large tomatoes – finely chopped

–          1 tsp chilli sauce (I use Flying Goose Brand with Extra Garlic)

–          1 tbsp tomato puree

–          Juice of ½ lime

–          Pinch Sugar

–          1 tbsp chopped fresh coriander

Mix together all the ingredients until well combined. Season to taste and add a pinch more sugar or a squeeze more lime if you feel necessary. 


12 thoughts on “Essential Tomato Salsa

  1. I will have to try this variation (I usually do a pico-style salsa) but this looks great. I’m growing so many peppers and tomatoes this year so I can’t wait to make homemade salsa! I used to love store bought salsa then I made my own from fresh produce at the supermarket then I tried a farmer’s market then I decided I had to grow my own because I go through it like water 😉 Now I grow all kinds of crazy colorful and tasty heirloom varieties and some of the hottest peppers known to man 🙂 It’s kind of addicting as you can see…

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