Rocket, Walnut and Feta Pesto

One thinks of pesto and ingredients of basil, pine nuts and parmesan springs to mind. This will be my third pesto recipe and if there’s one thing that is fantastic about the ingredient, it’s that it is actually really versatile and inventive. I’m not even sure what defines a pesto, but in my head it’s some sort of vegetable or herb ground with a nut and ideally a cheese. Sam and I are off to enjoy the sunshine in Tenerife tomorrow and so I have been using up ingredients for a week so we do not come home to anything rotten (it may also explain some weird recipe combinations). As I had some homemade tagliatelle left over from my pasta making adventures I figured this rocket pesto would go down a treat with it. When I return from the land of sunshine I shall share the pasta recipe with you, but for now there is packing to be done 😀

Bon Voyage!!

as 007

–          1 small garlic clove – peeled

–          15 walnut halves

–          2 large handfuls rocket

–          25g feta cheese

–          ½ tbsp lemon juice

–          ½ tbsp. walnut oil

–          Salt and pepper

In a pestle and mortar crush together all the ingredients until well combined

Taste, and add a little more lemon juice if you feel necessary


23 thoughts on “Rocket, Walnut and Feta Pesto

  1. I love making pestos. They’re so simple and delicious. I had to look up what rocket was. I didn’t realize it was arugula!! Haha. Thanks for sharing this, can’t wait to give it a try! 🙂

  2. wow very creative pesto recipe! i like how you left it a little chunky by just smashing it together instead of running it through a food processor. Sounds great! Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Hrm. I am Not A Fan of walnuts, but this does make me think of pesto in a different light. I have plenty of rocket around, and will have to ‘speriment! Thanks for the idea booster!

  4. I haven’t used my Mortar and pestle in quite a bit…Anxious to try this but if you don’t mind, Where do I find “Rocket” surely the local Armory won’t let me in…LOL! Looks awesome! MUST TRY!

    • It’s like a peppery salad leaf. From my blogger friends I am lead to believe it may be called arugula in the US, but if you are unsure, my previous blog was served on rocket so you will get a picture from that.

      In the UK you get it at all supermarkets and green grocers.

  5. Hi there! Thank you for “liking” my Celebrate Home Magazine post. I’m looking through your blog and you have some really great original recipes. Would you be interested in contributing a few in an upcoming issue of the magazine? If so, e-mail me at I’ll be working on the summer issue early next month and we’d like to feature a food blogger in each issue. The spring issue features Cheri Neufeld from the Kitchen Simplicity blog. I couldn’t find an “about me” page on your site, so I don’t know your name nor any other way to contact you, so hence the comment. Thanks!

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