Creamy Chorizo, Red Pepper and Feta Cheese Penne Pasta

It was pretty hard to avoid the rugby at the weekend and being English it’s also not something I am going to touch upon in great detail; however this match meant that I lost my fiancé for the day (and night) and replaced him with some of my girlfriends for some homemade pizza and cocktails. I made pizzas topped with Cajun chicken, chorizo, red pepper and red onion; however I got too carried away with the cocktails and the excitement of eating the pizza that I forgot to take any pictures to blog. Luckily I had some chorizo left over and that is where this dish was born. It’s probably not the most low-fat choice to follow pizza; with a creamy, cheesy pasta dish, but sometime you just gotta. This is one very scrummy recipe that is going straight on my list of ultimate comfort foods!

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Serves 2

–          1 tbsp oil from a jar of sundried tomatoes (use olive oil if you don’t have this)

–          1 red onion – finely sliced

–          100g chorizo – roughly chopped

–          1 red pepper – finely sliced

–          1 chilli – finely chopped

–          350ml semi skimmed milk

–          1 heap tbsp. corn flour – mixed with a little water to make a paste

–          5 sundried tomatoes – roughly chopped

–          ½ chicken stock cube

–          Couple of sprigs thyme – finely chopped

–          60g feta cheese – crumbled

–          Penne pasta for 2 people

Heat a pan of salty water and cook the pasta according to the pack instruction

Heat the oil in a large saucepan and fry the chorizo and the red onion for 4-5 minutes until the onion is soft and the chorizo crispy

Add the red pepper, tomatoes and the chilli and cook for 3-4 minutes until the pepper starts to soften

Pour the milk into the pan and when it starts to steam stir in the corn flour paste and continue to stir until the sauce starts to thicken.

Crumble in the stock cube and stir until it has all dissolved

Once the pasta has cooked; drain and then mix together with the sauce and the crumbled feta cheese.

Serve hot with fresh salad and enjoy 😀


13 thoughts on “Creamy Chorizo, Red Pepper and Feta Cheese Penne Pasta

  1. Looks lovely. And at least you have rugby which uses speed and strength (and very burly men!) American foot ball is slow, 1/2 the men don’t look in shape, and it takes soooo darn long to play!

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