Rack of Lamb with Cabbage Parcels, Shallot Puree and Red Wine Jus

My Fiancé Sam was away for Wednesday and Thursday this week. Although I still cook when he is not here I don’t seem to put as much into it, as I have no one to impress when it’s just me. I actually tend to just make soups when he is not here, my tomato and spaghetti is my current obsession. I am totally satisfied by them but Sam would need multiple bowls to fill his belly. I therefore wanted to make something a little bit special for him on his return and picked this tasty little number. I have never cooked a rack of lamb before, which is ironic as it is probably my favourite thing to eat, so I figured it was about time I tried. The whole combination of the flavours here are delicious and this may have to go down as my new favourite meal! If you don’t believe me how good it is you will have to just try it for yourself!

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Serves 2

–          1 rack of lamb (6 ribs) trimmed of the fat.

–          Salt and pepper

–          1 tbsp vegetable oil

For the red wine jus

–          ½ pint red wine

–          ½ pint chicken stock

–          1 bay leaf

–          Few sprigs thyme

For the shallot puree

–          50g salted butter

–          225g shallots – chopped

–          300ml chicken stock

–          150ml double cream

–          Salt and pepper

For the cabbage parcels

–          7 large leaves of savoy cabbage – blanched

–          25g butter

–          1 tbsp olive oil

–          100g pancetta – finely diced

–          100g carrots – finely diced

–          100g parsnips – finely diced

–          50g celery – finely diced

–          50g shallots – finely chopped

–          2 garlic cloved – finely chopped

Preheat the oven to 200’C

Make the cabbage parcels by finely slicing 3 of the cabbage leaves. Heat the butter and the oil in a large frying pan and fry the pancetta for 5 minutes until crispy. Add the vegetables the garlic and a little thyme. Lightly cook and season to taste. Set aside to cool to room temperature.

Take each blanched cabbage leaf and place onto a sheet of cling film. Spoon a quarter of the mixture onto each and wrap into a round parcel shape with the cling film. These will need to be steamed for ten minutes before serving.

In a large saucepan, bring the red wine, stock, bay leaf and thyme to the boil and then reduce by three quarters, which should take about an hour. Taste it just before serving and add a pinch of sugar if it is a little too rich.

For the shallot puree, heat the butter in a sauce pan; add the shallots and leave to sweat for 5 minutes. Add the chicken stock and reduce until all the liquid has disappeared. Reduce the heat, add the cream and cook for 5 minutes. Place in a food processor and blend into a smooth puree.  Season to taste and push through a thin sieve. Set aside and re-heat just before serving.

Season the lamb with salt and black pepper. Heat the oil in a large non-stick and oven proof frying pan, add the lamb and sear on all sides. Transfer the pan to the oven and cook for 15-17 minutes for a medium pink finish. Remove from the oven and leave to rest for 5 minutes.

Remember to steam your cabbage parcels and re-heat your shallot sauce.

Carve the lamb between each rib and plate up with the other ingredients. 


18 thoughts on “Rack of Lamb with Cabbage Parcels, Shallot Puree and Red Wine Jus

  1. This dish looks amazing. I have only attempted lamb a few times, and was not real pleased with the results. I’m sure it was probably something I missed in the technique or cooking time. When you put it in the oven after sauteing, do you cover with foil or not? Thanks!

    • No, I left it uncovered and the covered it when it rested for 5 minutes after. The trick is not to over cook it. What I would do is try it for 15 minutes first and then carve it down the middle. If this isn’t cooked then put it back in for another 5 minutes, you want it just pink. Once it;’s over done it can become quite chewy.

  2. I love rack of lamb. It may be my absolute favorite dish right up there with osso bucco. For never having cooked a rack of lamb before you mailed it. This one is perfectly done and the red wine jus and shallot puree makes this dish really sing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Rack of lamb may just be my favourite meal too but as my wife won’t eat lamb I only get it when we have dinner guests (she gets a pork chop!). The cabbage parcels and shallot puree look like perfect sides so next time it’ll be these rather than my usual ratatouille – quicker too.

  4. I completely relate to putting more effort into meals when they are shared with someone else! This rack of lamb is quite impressive, what a great welcome home!! Thanks for the like on my blog 🙂

  5. I’ve never made rack of lamb before. I would be worried on how to get the meat perfectly pink but still cooked. Love the look of your shallot puree. Sounds like a tasty decadent saucy way to eat vegetables.

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