A Great Kickin Side Salad

Surprise surprise, this is another great accompaniment to my Thai roast chicken (ok I’ll stop after this one). For those that find contemporary salads a tad boring, give this one a try. It is crunchy, sweet, fresh and sour so tickles all your taste buds.

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–          1 red pepper

–          1 green pepper

–          1 chicory

–          Watercress

–          Handful fresh coriander – finely chopped

–          4 radish’s – finely sliced

–          1 fresh chilli – finely slices

–          1 tbsp lime juice

–          1 tbsp soy sauce

–          1 tbsp fish sauce

–          1 tsp sugar

Blacken the peppers by either sitting them on the naked flame, and turning; or grilling until black all over.

Run them until a cold water tap and rub the black skin off with your hands; you should be left with a clean, soft and sweet pepper. Remove the seeds and finely slice.

Mix together the lime juice, soy sauce, fish sauce and sugar until the sugar has dissolved

Combine all the salad ingredients and toss in the dressing. Serve with whatever tickles your fancy 😀


6 thoughts on “A Great Kickin Side Salad

  1. This is pretty much a salad I make but without the sugar. I really don’t like the ‘sweet and sour’ taste so as soon as I see ‘barbecue sauce’ or many Chinese dishes I turn off. But if you don’t like sweet and sour either, without the sugar this is great. (PS. I wish the watercress we get now had not had most of the ‘pepper’ bred out of it – it used to be much ‘hotter’).

    • I know what you mean about the watercress, I also have the same issue with rocket. My in-laws grow the best rocket that has the same effect as a good horseraddish and is great for clearing out any unwanted cold!

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