Spicy Meatballs in an Oriental Noodle Broth

I am obsessed with trying to find new and out of the norm recipes and this is one of them. I wanted to make meatballs but was looking for something different to do with them. In the past I have always made meatballs with a ragu or cheese sauce and pasta, and this is a new twist to the traditional meatball that is totally different and tastes amazing! If like me though you still love good old traditional grub then just make double the quantity of meatballs, freeze them and then you have them to use in whatever way you fancy!

Serves 3-4

For the Meatballs

–          250g beef or pork mince

–          40g fresh white breadcrumbs

–          ½ tsp chilli flakes

–          1 garlic clove – crushed and well chopped

–          2 small onion – finely chopped

–          Olive oil

–          1 ½ tbsp. milk

–          Salt and pepper

For the broth

–          1 red pepper – sliced

–          1 yellow pepper – sliced

–          1 small red onion – sliced into fine rings

–          1 tbsp olive oil

–          2 tsp coriander seeds

–          The seeds of 4 cardamon pods

–          1 red chilli – finely sliced

–          ½ tsp cinnamon

–          1 tsp turmeric

–          Thumbsize piece ginger, finely chopped

–          2 stalks lemon grass – sliced into thin strips

–          400ml chicken stock

–          400ml coconut milk

–          Juice 1 lemon

–          Pinch chilli flakes

–          Cooked noodles


Fry the onions and garlic in a little olive oil until soft

Combine the meatball ingredients together with your hands and mould into 12 meatballs, about the size of a ping pong ball

Chill in the fridge for half an hour

Heat the oil in a deep frying pan and brown the meatballs

Add the peppers and onions and fry off for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally until the onions soften but still have a little crunch

Add all the spices to the pan and stir well, coating all the ingredients

Pour in the stock and the coconut milk into the pan, bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes

Stir in the cooked noodles, lemon juice and chilli flakes and season to taste.



8 thoughts on “Spicy Meatballs in an Oriental Noodle Broth

  1. Very interesting combination, but it looks and sounds delicious. Will have to give this a try…and I love the idea of making a double batch of meatballs so you can make a classic red sauce later on if you want.

  2. awesome! I once made a really nice meatball dish, with a tarragon mustard sauce. As soon as I find my recipe, I will post it, you might like it too 🙂

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