Tiffin – With Love <3

I give you this recipe ‘with love’ as this recipe brings me so many happy memories from my childhood. This is one of my mum’s specialties (along with her chocolate toffee shortbread) and is one of my favorite things in the World to eat. Whenever she made it I remember it disappearing in a matter of hours and me and my brother would always have big arguments over the last piece. My parent’s solution to this would be that we share it, with one person cutting it and one person choosing.  We would therefore then have a whole new argument over who would cut and who would choose, where I would usually lose. Anyway, I wanted to make something tasty and easy to take to a friends for sharing and I remembered my Mum’s tiffin. I asked Mum to e-mail me the recipe and the title of the e-mail was ‘with love’, so from me to you, this is my little piece of love!



–          8oz rich tea biscuits

Stir into the biscuits

–          4oz raisins

–          2.5oz coconut

In a pan melt together, just to boiling point

–          4oz butter

–          2 tbsp caster sugar

–          2 tbsp drinking chocolate powder

–          2 tbsp golden syrup

Stir the butter mixture into the biscuits

Line a deep baking tin and tip the mixture into it. Press it down so it is well compacted. You want to be about 1.5cm deep


–          16oz chocolate

Pour over the top of the biscuit mix and leave to cool before putting in the fridge to set fully.

Once chilled cut into squares to serve.


19 thoughts on “Tiffin – With Love <3

  1. I use a ANZAC cookie recipe which is very similar except it uses oats instead of the biscuits. Like you it always reminds me of times as a kid. These make great christmas gifts, place and layer all the dry ingredients in a glass jar (and include the chocolate), put on a recipe label. My friends liked loved the ones I gave last year for Christmas.

  2. I had forgotten all about this recipe and didn’t even know it was called “tiffin” – we have a variation that uses condensed milk and walnuts that also disappears in no time! Will be sure to try yours…

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