Easy Chilli and Coconut Chicken Legs

I am officially addicted to spicy food, and I apologise to anyone who follows me that isn’t. That said all my recipes can be adapted to taste and this would still be great without the chilli, so this recipe can really be enjoyed by everyone. Staying on the adapting front, for those vegetarians (or households with no chicken in stock) this curry would be just as tasty with chunky butternut squash and spinach so give that a try for something a bit different. It is also really quick and easy to make and doesn’t involve a great deal of washing up or time, which is always great for the mid-week.


Serves 4

–       3 stalks of lemongrass – peeled and roughly chopped

–       50g fresh ginger – peeled and sliced

–       1 hot chilli – seeds removed and roughly chopped

–       1 tsp chilli flakes

–       ½ red onion

–       2 cloves garlic

–       a small handful of fresh coriander

–       2 tbsp sesame oil

–       1 tsp ground coriander

–       1 lime – jest and juice

–       Juice of 1 lemon

–      1/2 tbsp dark soy sauce 

–      1 and a half tbsp light soy sauce 

–       200g tomatoes

–       2 tbsp fish sauce

–       2 tbsp dark soy sauce

–       2 tbsp sunflower oil

–       4 chicken legs, separated into thighs and drumsticks

–       400ml/14oz can coconut milk

Place the ginger, chilli, chilli flakes, onion, lemongrass, garlic, ground coriander and the fresh coriander into a food processor. Grate in the lime zest, add a little sesame oil and whiz into a course paste.

Add the fish sauce, soy sauces and the tomatoes and process for a few seconds longer.

Heat a further tablespoon of sesame oil with the sunflower oil in a deep pan over a moderate to high heat and use it to brown the chicken pieces, turning them so they colour nicely all over

 Add the spice paste and let it fry for two minutes, stirring constantly.

Pour over the coconut milk, stir, cover and leave to simmer over a low heat for 25-30 minutes.

Check that the chicken is completely cooked through and then add the juice of the lime and lemon.

Serve with vegetable fried rice and top with toasted almonds if you fancy.


8 thoughts on “Easy Chilli and Coconut Chicken Legs

    • Thanks! Most of them come from what I know I like to eat and therefore a bit of a make up. I have a vast amount of books that I use for inspiration but most of the time its just a case of seeing what I have that needs using up and creating something out of it. If I ever struggle with something I haven’t cooked before I tend to go on the BBC food website as they are pretty good for inspiration and I will often tweak recipes depending on what I have in and what I think might go.

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