Traditional and Delicious Victoria Sponge Cake

Now you can call me old fashioned but Victoria sponge is probably the most amazing cake in the World. I will often ask my boyfriend what cake he wants making and even when it is his birthday he will simply answer ‘Victoria sponge please’; and he is not alone. Every supermarket, cake shop, café and bakery in the UK will sell this cake, and I bet you any money it is their most popular. What I don’t understand though it why people would buy it, it is the simplest cake to make in the world and you will always win hearts with it. I made this with my friend Ricardo, who wants to learn to cook, and he was shocked at how simple it was. So trust me, anyone can make it! I have known this recipe off by heart since I was a little girl, as it comes from the simple rules of cake making that my mum taught me;

‘You use the same weight in sugar, fat and flour and then half the quantity of eggs’.

You will notice that most of my baking recipes are given in ounces for this simple reason, it is how my mum taught me and my mum rocks so it cannot be wrong!


–          6 oz caster sugar

–          6 oz butter

–          1 tsp vanilla essence

–          3 eggs

–          6oz self raising flour

–          Raspberry or strawberry jam

–          Icing sugar

Preheat the oven to 160’C

Line and grease 2 standard round baking tins

Beat/whisk together the sugar, butter and vanilla until pale a fluffy

Beat in one egg at a time

Stir in the flour until well combined, but don’t beat the flour too much as it will lose the sponginess when you bake it.

Divide the mixture into the two tins and bake in the middle of the oven for 25-30 minutes

Leave to cool slightly and then tip put onto a wire cooking tray to cool completely.

Sandwich with 2 cakes together with the jam and then sieve icing sugar on top before slicing and serving


13 thoughts on “Traditional and Delicious Victoria Sponge Cake

  1. Victoria Sponge is definitely one of my favourites and I quite often use it for cupcakes too – much better than a lot of the American cupcake recipes which are really sweet. Yours looks delicious!

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