Fresh Basil Pesto Recipe

I was in the mood for pesto and though instead of buying a small jar of it I would just make a batch. I have a phobia of pre-made sauces; well less of a phobia more of a hatred to be honest. I know they are easier but I just feel guilty if I use them. I also like to see exactly what food I am eating and items with a shelf life of a few months and a list of ingredients that consist mainly of abbreviations concern me. If I make pesto myself I know if has just a few simple ingredients, if I buy it there are all sorts of additions that mean it can stay on your shelf for longer. I am probably wrong but that is how my brain works when it comes to food. Anyway, I decided to make pesto and had a massive shock when I got to the supermarket and realised that a very small bag of pinenuts cost £4.00! By beliefs were almost shattered and the thought of a jar was much more appealing at the point, but I stuck to my guns and I purchased it anyway. I actually only used a third of my bag of pinenuts and got a good 6 meals out of this, which when you work it out is only 22p for the pinenuts for 1 portion of pesto. Ok, so it is still probably cheaper to buy a jar but what do you get out of it? Homemade pesto is fresher and tastier; it is better for you, and when you realise that you only need a small amount of pinenuts to make a large quantity, it works out pretty reasonable too.

Give it a try 😀


–       ½ clove garlic

–       Large bunch fresh basil

–       50g pine nuts

–       40g parmesan – grated

–       2 tbsp olive oil

–       Juice of half a lemon

–       Salt and pepper

Combine all the above ingredients and grind together with a pestle and mortar. 

Keep your eye out for some of my future recipes where I will be giving you different creations to up your pesto.


15 thoughts on “Fresh Basil Pesto Recipe

  1. I love homemade pesto – and I like to put roasted garlic in it. If I don’t have pine nuts I sub walnut. Not quite the same but good nonetheless.

  2. I have to agree with your sentiments about buying sauces in jars. It’s so easy to make things from scratch and at least then I know what is in what I’m eating. I love making Nigella’s thai curries and they are so simple but the taste is better than any bottled sauce.

  3. My reactions were just the same as yours standing in front of the small bag of pine nuts. But I thought no way and went home empty handed. Instead I now use almonds or hazelnuts, which works just as well.

    PS I almost forget (too caught up by reading all your lovely recipes), thanks for stopping by and liking my blog!

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