My Left Over Pulled Pork Recipe No. 1: Inventive Goulash

This is the first of my leftover pulled pork recipes. It is so great to be able to be inventive and create so many different dishes based around one recipe, it really makes your food go further. I also called this an ‘inventive goulash’ as it perhaps does not have all the ingredients you would expect in a traditional goulash, but as I have mentioned in previous posts, I like to use up ingredients that I actually have rather than buying more and having food go to waste. This recipe is great, it rich, full of flavour and extremely tasty. I also bulked it up with loads of vegetables, which helps towards your 5 a day and gives you more meals for your money. I got 6 portions out of this!


–          1 large white onion

–          1 tbsp olive oil

–          150g chopped broccoli

–          80g sliced courgette

–          1 carrot, finely chopped

–          2 garlic cloves

–          270g pork (I used the left overs from my pulled pork recipe)

–          Left over juices from the pulled pork recipe (if you are making this from scratch, use a mixture of paprika, cayenne pepper, salt and thyme)

–          1 pint chicken stock

–          1 tin chopped tomatoes

–          1 tbsp tomato puree

–          1 tin kidney beans (if these are dried the will need soaking overnight)

–          150g milk

–          1 tbsp corn flour

–          1 tsp wholegrain mustard

Serves 6

Pre-heat the oven to 160’c

In a deep pan (I use my le creuset) fry the onion in the oil until brown

Add all the veg and fry for another few minutes

Add the meat and the meat juices and stir well so that everything is well coated.

Pour in the stock, tomatoes, tomato puree and kidney beans, bring to the boil and then cover and place in the oven for 1 hour

Just before the goulash is due to come out the oven, heat the milk in a small sauce pan and mix the cornflour with a little water to make a paste.

Once the milk starts to steam, add the flour paste and quickly whisk until the sauce has thickened. Add the mustard and mix in well

Remove the goulash from the oven and place over a low heat, and add the milk mixture, stirring until it is well mixed. Leave this to simmer off for ten minutes to get rid of any excess juices and allow the sauce to thicken.

Serve with rice or crusty bread and enjoy 😀


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