Alternative Pepper Pesto Dip Recipe

I love making any sort of sharing food, and this dip was a brilliant find. To make this I used the principle of making pesto but as I had none of the ingredients I used different ingredients and it really paid off! I have to say I held my breath when I tasted it and I had planned in my head what to turn it into if it didn’t taste too good, but my oh my it was delicious! It was so good that I ate a pot full with some crudités and crackers for dinner, and I even used my finger to lick round the bowl! This will definitely be on the menu next time I throw a party, along with lots of cocktails obviously 😀


Serves 4 as a snack

–          40g walnuts

–          3dsp extra virgin olive oil

–          1 very small/half a garlic clove

–          70g bell peppers out of a jar

–          1 dsp cider vinegar

–          1 dsp tomato puree

–          Salt and pepper

Combine all the above ingredients and whizz with a stick blender or in a food processor.

Serve with a selection of crudités, I chose carrot sticks, sliced peppers and broken crackers.


4 thoughts on “Alternative Pepper Pesto Dip Recipe

  1. Man, I’m away travelling at the moment and I haven’t cooked or eaten pesto for months, pesto is my number one craved food at the moment. This looks delicious, I can’t wait to try it

    • Ahhhh, I was going to say your missing out but if your travelling then I imagine you are having an amazing time and tasting some incredible food. You definitely need to try and get some pesto on the go though!

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