The Perfect Roast Dinner: Part 2, The Side Dishes!

So yesterday I blogged the recipe for roast beef and now it is the turn of the mighty side dishes. Now, it is my belief that you cannot have roast beef without Yorkshire puddings; that would be like having macaroni without the cheese, or gin without tonic; they just have to go together! I have also perhaps caused some controversy with this meal and tried something new with my potatoes. I have always had roast dinner with roast potatoes (my Dad would say they are even better than the meat), but I felt like being creative. I believe my sweet potato stack was a really nice addition, and it made your traditional roast dinner a little bit more modern.


Yorkshire Puddings

Makes 6 puddings

–          75g plain flour

–          1 egg

–          75ml milk

–          55ml water

–          Salt and pepper

–          Olive oil

To make the batter sift the flour into a bowl and make a well in the middle

Combine the milk and the water together in a jug

Crack the egg into the centre of the well and whisk, starting to bring in the flour from the outside of the bowl.

As you continue to whisk, gradually pour in the milk mix and continue to bring in the flour from the outside of the bowl. Whisk until it is all combined and you have a smooth batter.

Pour about ½ cm of olive oil into the base of each section of a muffin baking tin. You only need to do this for how many puddings you are making.

Put into 190’c oven for 15minutes or heat on a gas hob so that the oil is very hot. Pour in the Yorkshire pudding mixture so it is about 2/3rd full and bake in the oven for 25minutes until fully risen and golden brown.


Sweet Potato Stack

–          4 small sweet potatoes, sliced to about 3mm thick

–          2 red onions, sliced into rings

–          2 garlic cloves

–          400ml chicken stock

–          2 tsp mustard

Line and grease 4 ramekins with a little bit of butter

Layer the potatoes, onions and garlic

Mix the mustard into the stock and season with some salt and pepper

Pour over the ramekins trying to cover as much of the potato as possible

Roast for 40minutes, half way through turning the top potatoes so they brown on both sides.

10minutes before they are due to come out, pour away the excess stock so that the potato has a chance to crisp up and is not too soggy

Other great additions to the roast are cauliflower cheese (check out my recipe) and freshly steamed vegetables.


18 thoughts on “The Perfect Roast Dinner: Part 2, The Side Dishes!

  1. This Roast looks simply divine. I’ve never cooked a Roast unsupervised before.. I may well give that a go as well. Mmmm, craving Yorkshire pudding with gravy now!
    Take care,
    Kazza x

    • Oh you have to try them. I don’t think you can have roast beef without them. Another good recipe using them is to put sausages in the batter before your cook them and serve with mash potato and onion gravy. This is called toad in the hole.

      • Wow, that sounds full on!
        Guess Aussies are boring as usually it’s roast and 3 veg (usually steamed and unseasoned!!! arrrrgh!).
        I prefer having roast veggies, or mash…. next time I’ll have the puddings as well! 🙂

  2. Quite right, it’s compulsory!
    Next time, why not go fully Yorkshire and try buying your beef with a little fat remaining around it (or ask the butcher for a little beef fat) and when you come to do the Yorkshires, pour off a little fat that has rendered down from the meat into the muffin tins instead of the olive oil. Any remaining fat you can pour off before making gravy, but don’t lose the meat juice. The flavour is wonderful, and as the flash point of meat dripping is higher, I think they do cook slightly differently.It also makes really tasty roast potatoes of whichever sort! Not something to do all the time perhaps, but for an occasional treat it’s not too sinful!

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