Crunchy Summer Salad with Garlic Croutons and Sticky Balsamic glaze

This is possibly the first day this year I have felt the ability to be able to call a salad a ‘summer salad’, because in the UK at the moment we are not seeing much sun. It is however out today, and in true Brit form I am making the most of it! There is something bright and refreshing about a really great salad. This is what I would call an ‘all round salad’, it is great on its own but is also great as a side dish, with a BBQ or mixed into a great fajita wrap!


Dish serves 4 as a side, 2 on its own

–          1 sliced of bread, the crust is best to use

–          2 garlic cloves

–          3 dsp olive oil

–          1tsp mixed herbs

–          Twist of salt and pepper

–          200ml Balsamic vinegar

–          1 tbsp Granulated sugar

–          1 little gem lettuce

–          3 medium tomatoes

–          3 mini orange peppers

–          1 small carrot – peeled into ribbons with a potato peeler

Heat oven to 180’c

Chop the bread up into 1.5cm squares

Mix all the ingredients together in an oven proof dish, making sure the bread is well coated

Bake in the oven for 15 minutes

In the meantime bring the balsamic vinegar and sugar to boil in a pan. Reduce the heat and simmer until it has reduced by about 75%

Chop all the ingredients and combine everything together into a bowl

Serve either on its own or as a side dish, it accompanies most dishes and tastes fantastic!


4 thoughts on “Crunchy Summer Salad with Garlic Croutons and Sticky Balsamic glaze

    • Oh you Lucky thing! We have had lots of floods recently and I don’t think the temperature has reached much more than 20’C all ‘summer’. I am living on soups and lots of warming dishes at the moment.

      Share some of your sunshine 😀

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