Breakfast Frittata Recipe

I like to be quite creative with breakfast at the weekends. I get a bit bored of the marmite and toast and bowls of everlasting cereal that seems quick and easy to have in the week. I also have a massive savoury tooth when I wake up and crave something filling and delicious. One of my old house mates taught me to cook eggs this way. I always used to make such a mess of an omelette and then I saw Rachel doing hers by just frying it first and then put it under the grill, bloody genius! I have learned over time however that this is less omelette and more frittata; but I also like to call it my eggy pizza, as it sometimes comes out looking like one.

Frittata is one of my favourite things to have for breakfast; they are actually very filling but require little effort and few ingredients. If you are having this breakfast for 2 of you, you are only having 1 and a half eggs, 1 and a half sausages and some vegetables; pretty good when you compare it to a full English breakfast, a bacon sarni or pancakes. This will also keep you full for hours.


–          3 sausages – chopped into pieces

–          1 white onion, finely sliced

–          25g butter

–          150g chopped tomatoes

–          3 eggs

–          30ml semi skimmed milk

–          Pinch mixed herbs

–          Salt & pepper

Fry the onions in the butter for 5 minutes until soft

Add the sausages and continue to fry until they start to brown and are cooked all the way through

Add the tomatoes and simmer off the juices for 5 minutes

Whisk the eggs together with the milk, herbs and seasoning and add the mixture to the frying pan

Simmer on the heat until the egg starts to bubble and you can see that it has started to cook round the sides of the pan.

Transfer the frying pan to a hot grill and leave for roughly 5 minutes until the egg has cooked all the way through and the top is golden.

This will serve 2 on its own or 4 people if you are having it with toast.


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