Ginger & Sweet Chilli Pork with Sticky Mushroom Rice

This is perhaps the least cool thing someone could possibly say, but one of my greatest pleasures in life is the mark down section of the supermarket (I sometimes wonder how I have any friends!) There have been times that I have been so excited by my bargains that I have rang my boyfriend on the way home to excitedly tell him what amazing bargains I have bought, and I only live 5 minutes away! The pork I used in this dish is one example, I got 4 BBQ streaks for 95p! So long as your freezer is big enough you can’t  argue with that.


Serves 2-3

For the pork

–          1 thumb size piece of ginger, grated

–          Juice of 1 lemon

–          3 tbsp sweet chili sauce (see my recipe if you want to make it yourself)

–          3 tbsp light soy sauce

–          1 tbsp tomato ketchup

–          2 pork steaks – cut into strips

–          1 finely sliced onion

–          1 sliced red pepper

–          Large handful of spinach

For the rice

–          Rice – depending on the type you want to use, check the cooking instructions on the pack

–          Chicken stock

–          150g chestnut mushrooms

–          2 shallots

–          1 clove garlic

–          1 egg

–          Sesame oil

Put the rice on to cook in the chicken stock

To make the pork dish fry the onions in the sesame oil for 5 minutes

Add the peppers and the pork and fry until the pork turns golden

Add all the other ingredients, (except the spinach) and simmer

In the meantime, fry the shallots for the mushroom rice in a pan with a splash of sesame oil until they start to turn brown

Add the mushrooms and garlic for 5 minutes

Check the rice is cooked and add it to the frying pan, coat in the mushroom mix and crack in the egg. Stir the mixture until it all becomes a bit sticky.

Just before you dish up your rice add the spinach to the pork and stir through, season to taste and it is ready to serve. I topped mine with a few cucumber strips to add a welcome fresh crunch to the dish.

Enjoy 😀


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